Kingdom Come Deliverance 2: What New Features to Expect

Archer shooting an arrow in Deliverance

I fell in love with the immersive gameplay of Kingdom Come Deliverance from the first moment I played the game. This is why I’ve been doing my best to follow what’s going on with Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 and try to figure out when to expect the game’s release date. Today I will share all my findings with you.

Is Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 Being Developed Right Now?

Archer shooting an arrow in Deliverance

Looks like Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 might actually be in the pipeline! What’s fueling this exciting possibility? Well, it’s all about connecting the dots. The Embracer Group, the big name that owns Warhorse Studios (the brains behind the original Kingdom Come Deliverance), dropped some pretty telling hints in a shareholder report.

They’re over the moon about how well Kingdom Come Deliverance performed, and who wouldn’t be? The game sold a whopping 5.5 million copies! That’s no small feat. Embracer Group mentioned they’re looking forward to another project from Warhorse.

Now, put two and two together, and it’s not hard to guess that this project could very well be Kingdom Come Deliverance 2. The success of the first game almost makes a sequel a no-brainer. So, while we don’t have the official word just yet, all signs are pointing to a yes!

When to Expect the Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 Release Date?

Alright, let’s talk about when we might get our hands on Kingdom Come Deliverance 2. As of now, there’s no official release date set in stone. But, don’t lose hope just yet! The gaming community is buzzing with anticipation, and many are crossing their fingers for a big reveal at the Summer Game Festival in 2024. Why then? Well, it’s a major event where big announcements often drop, and it would be a perfect stage for such big news.

Remember, the original Kingdom Come Deliverance was announced way back on February 9, 2012. That announcement was a surprise that caught many off guard. So, who’s to say history won’t repeat itself? We might just get a similar surprise announcement for the sequel soon. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, because if the past is anything to go by, we could be in for an exciting reveal when we least expect it.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 New Features and Story

Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 is gearing up to be a thrilling experience, packed with new features and an engaging continuation of the story. There is a long wishlist that you can find on the Reddit community, but here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

  • Improved Combat (Especially Bow for Controller): Expect a more refined combat system in the sequel. The developers are likely to enhance the bow mechanics, making them smoother and more intuitive, especially for controller users. This improvement will make combat feel more realistic and enjoyable.
  • Swim (Maybe Boats): Swimming and potentially boating are rumored to be new additions. This feature would not only add a new dimension to exploration but also enrich the game’s world and the activities you can engage in.
  • More Wildlife (Including Predators) and Different Seasons: The game world might be teeming with a wider array of wildlife, including dangerous predators like wolves and bears. Additionally, changing seasons could bring a dynamic element to the environment, affecting gameplay and visuals.
  • Story Continuation with an Older Henry: The story is set to continue, with Henry likely being older and possibly serving as the Bailiff of Prypilatz, near Prague. This progression in Henry’s life promises a fresh narrative perspective and new challenges.
  • Companions: The introduction of companions could add depth to the gameplay, with each companion having their own backstory and personality. This feature would make the journey through the game more engaging and less solitary.
  • More Sieges: Expect even grander and more intense siege battles. These sieges will likely be larger in scale, offering a more immersive and challenging combat experience.
  • Control a City (Similar to DLC From the Ashes): Building on the popularity of the ‘From the Ashes’ DLC, there might be an option to control and manage a city, adding a strategic layer to the game.
  • Alive World with Horse Riders, Wagons, and Pilgrims: The game world will feel more vibrant and alive, with NPCs like horse riders, wagons, and pilgrims, each adding to the realism and depth of the game’s environment.
  • Armor Forging: Armor forging is expected to be a new skill, allowing players to craft and customize their armor sets. This feature would add a creative aspect to the game, letting players tailor their gear to their playstyle.
  • New Weapons (Crossbow and Different Swords): A wider range of weapons, including crossbows and various types of swords, is likely to be available. This expansion of the arsenal will provide more combat options and strategies.

Each of these features aims to enhance the gameplay experience, making Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 not just a continuation of its predecessor, but a significant evolution in terms of story and mechanics.

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