Kingdom Deliverance: 2 Announcement is Soon (Leaks)

Archer shooting an arrow in Deliverance

Three years passed since Kingdom Come: Deliverance launched and Warhorse Studios has yet to announce that a sequel is coming. However, this doesn’t mean that Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 is not under development right now. In fact, all hints and rumors point towards a much-anticipated sequel for the immersive RPG game.

Warhorse Studious has not confirmed nor denied that Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 is under development. However, we can be sure that the game is being worked on right now. Tom McKay, the actor who plays Henry in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, made a mistake in an interview with the YouTuber “SxyBiscuit” and confirmed that he is doing greenscreen recordings for Warhorse Studios. That’s not all. The developers are surely going to capitalize on the immense success of Kingdom Come: Deliverance on all platforms.

Despite the lack of an official announcement about Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2’s release date, the internet is buzzing with rumors and leaks in anticipation. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of my favorite games ever and I have scoured the web to compile all information there is to know about the upcoming sequel.

Is There Going To be a Kingdom Deliverance: 2?

Considering that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the first and biggest title that Warhorse Studios has developed, I think it’s safe to say that a sequel is coming. The developers went radio-silent about the game a couple of months ago and this is most likely because they are developing Kingdom Come 2 and don’t want to have any leaks. In fact, the latest announcement that the developers made was during a Twitch stream.

The developers who are in charge of Kingdom Come: Deliverance announced an exciting Twitch stream where they will be unveiling a cool new product. The community got hyped thinking that it’s going to be Kingdom Come 2, but unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. The developers revealed a new soap that you can buy here.

The Community is Asking for a Sequel

Even though the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance was rocky, the game was a massive success by the industry’s standards. The amazing thing about this game is that it offered a fully immersive RPG experience where players were no longer the “chosen one” or the “savior of the world” and instead, players got the chance to become a regular blacksmith’s boy. The RPG community loved the progression system offered by Kingdom Come: Deliverance and they are asking for a sequel.

Whenever someone at Warhorse Studios is asked about Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2, the question is always dodged. Since there is such a massive demand for the game and, obviously, the developers want to make another hit title, I think it’s pretty safe to say that a new game set in the Kingdom Come world will come soon enough.

Is Kingdom Come: Deliverance Still Being Updated?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance received four story DLCs and a bundle of other free updates that improved software performance. However, the final patch that Kingdom Come: Deliverance received was 1.9.4. The game is no longer being updated.

While Kingdom Come: Deliverance might not receive any more story DLCs or gameplay improvements, it’s important to mention that the game is still receiving some development. Warhorse Studios is porting the game to Nintendo Switch and it’s already available for pre-order.

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