Make a Discord Announcement Channel in 3 Easy Steps

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There are many ways to make your Discord channel amazing and one of the best methods is to implement an announcement channel. The channel can be used by the moderators to make announcements to their friends and followers. Let’s say that for example, you are running a World of Warcraft Discord. You can use the announcement channel to let everyone know when the next raid is scheduled.

Creating a Discord announcement channel is easier and it doesn’t require any tech-savvy knowledge. Users can make a Discord announcement channel by hovering over the category where they want to make the channel and clicking on the “+” icon that is called “Create Channel”. Now, users need to select the “Announcement” type and enter a channel name. The final step is to click on “Create Channel”.

Making a Discord announcement channel doesn’t take longer than a couple of minutes. It’s going to take longer to come up with a cool name for the channel. Nonetheless, keep reading to check out my full how to create a Discord announcement channel guide.

How to Make a Discord Announcement Channel for Beginners

Follow the steps below to make an announcement channel that you can use to update your Discord member:

  1. Click on the + icon (located next to the channel category);
  2. Select Announcement as the type and enter a name;
  3. All that is left is to click Create Channel.

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Can You Make an Existing Channel Into an Announcement Channel?

If you have already made a channel that is designated for announcements, you should be pleased to know that it can easily be made into an official announcement channel. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Click on the settings cog (located next to the channel name);
  • Set the channel type to Announcement Channel.

User Permissions

One important thing that I need to mention to all Discord server admins is that they need to be extra careful who gets access to the announcement channel. You don’t want someone who is new to the server to start making random announcements that might annoy the other members. This is why you should modify the user permissions from the Permissions Tab.

Final Words

Making an announcement Discord channel is super easy and if you follow the guidelines presented above, you should have no problems setting it up. Before signing off, I want to mention that you can find multiple Discord guides on our website such as how much bandwidth does Discord need?

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