Make Money in Escape From Tarkov: Beginner-Friendly Guide

Sanitar Boss in Escape From Tarkov

There are countless YouTube videos that promise they will make you an Escape From Tarkov millionaire. However, there is one fault that all these videos share. They are all targeting players who can spend hours on end farming the game. We’re not all Twitch streamers and if you want to learn the best ways to make money in Tarkov, you have arrived at the right place.

Doing scav runs is the best and fastest way to make money in Tarkov. The player doesn’t have anything to lose and everything to gain. By learning the location of popular loot stashes and also secret stashes that can contain rare items, becoming a millionaire in Escape from Tarkov is super easy. Even if the player doesn’t get any luck with loot and item drops, there’s still a chance to encounter a dead PMC or other scavs that might have loot on them. If this doesn’t work out, the player will always receive a new loadout. Depending on the player’s reputation with Fence, they will get good weapons, bags, and rigs.

The key to making money in Tarkov is knowing where to look and what items are valuable. If you are new to the game or just looking for a way to get an edge, I have the right tips for you.

Escape from Tarkov Money Guide for Beginners

#1 Scav Runs

I can’t stress enough the importance of doing scav runs regularly. When I first started playing Escape from Tarkov, I didn’t really see the value of running as a scav. I couldn’t do any tasks and I didn’t have any control over my loadout. Well, things changed when I ran out of money and had to do scav runs to get a steady income. I quickly realized that by running a scav every couple of raids, I will be able to cover all my losses as a PMC, and then some!

My favorite map to make money on as a scav is Customs. Some people choose to visit Shoreline, but I recommend checking out Customs because the hidden loot caches are easy to access. You can check out Map-Genie to find the location of all the valuable loot on Customs and all other maps.

It’s important to notice that scavs can spawn with all type of loot in their bag. One of my friends once spawned with a Labs Card. Making 300,000 rubles doesn’t get any easier than this. A useful tip that I want to share with scavs that plan to raid Customs is to check out the Dorms area. There’s always PVP there and you might be able to “clean up” a fight.

#2 Easy Guide to Learning the Valuable Items

The realism, mechanics and depth that Escape from Tarkov offers make it one of the best games in the world. It gives you a rush that no other game can do. However, the depth can also be overwhelming to new players. Trying to learn what items to loot and what items to throw away seems like an impossible task for a newbie, at least that’s how I felt.

I also wrote a guide that shows the fastest ways to level up traders in Tarkov. You might be interested to find out that leveling up Pecemaker can be done just by buying dollars from him.

I remember throwing away valuable Kappa items like The Raven and Pestiliy’s Mask in favor of barter items such as pliers and soap. I just didn’t know which one was worth more. On the bright side of things, I figured out a way to instantly find out just how much an item is worth on the flea market. You don’t even have to be level 20 for this trick to work. You can visit the website called Tarkov Market and type in the name of the item. That’s it. You will receive an instant update with the price and know if the item is worth keeping or not.

Using Tarkov Market is amazing if you have a second monitor. However, this is not necessary. You can keep the website open on your smartphone and quickly do a search when you have cover. Personally, I just use the command “Alt + Tab” to switch to my browser. This is only because I type faster on a keyboard. However, it comes with the risk of getting rushed by the enemy and not having any idea.

#3 KDA Doesn’t Matter. Survival Rate Does!

If there is one piece of advice that I would’ve liked to receive when I first started playing this game, it has to be that KDA doesn’t matter. Escape From Tarkov is listed as a “survival shooter”. With survival being the first. What matters in this raid is surviving. Even if you do it with only a handful of items that are worth 10,000 rubles, it’s profit! As long as you don’t die and lose your kit, you will have an easy time making a fortune in Escape From Tarkov.

Being a skilled shooter or having lots of game knowledge is not required to be successful in Tarkov. My advice is to learn how to pick your fights. It’s no shame in avoiding fighting a Chad that is wearing a Slick Armor with an Altyn Helmet and is shooting BS ammo. Defeating him in an 1v1 fight is difficult when you don’t have similar gear.

Final Words

Making money in Tarkov can be a tedious task when you are new. However, everything will change if you use the websites that I recommended today and focus more on survival. The game can be a lot of fun if you don’t try to min-max it.

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