NBA 2K “Sim to Until Next Appearance” Not Working? Easy Fix for PC

NBA 2K21 Court Seen From the Player's Bench

NBA 2k is available on all platforms but unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that all versions of the game are equal. All the latest NBA 2K19, 2K20, and even 2K21 have a common problem on PC. Players are sometimes not allowed to SIM to next appearance. To make things even worse, the NBA 2K starts running in slow motion on PC. Luckily, this issue can be solved.

When NBA 2K21 sim to next appearance doesn’t work on PC, you need to use the “alt + tab” command a few times. Doing this will make the game automatically skip to your next appearance. If alt tabbing doesn’t work, you will need to set NBA 2k at 60FPS and enable V-Sync to get rid of the annoying 2K21 slow motion on PC bug. If this sounds complicated, you don’t need to worry because I will present a step-by-step guide below.

Keep reading to check out all the methods that you can use to fix NBA 2k21 sim to next appearance slow motion.

How to Fix NBA 2K “Can’t Sim to Until Next Appearance” Bug

Having to deal with the NBA 2K21 slow motion issue on PC is the worst thing ever. You can’t SIM until the next appearance and basically, you have to sit on the bench looking at the team playing without you. On the bright side of things, there’s a bunch of things that you can do to prevent this from happening and fix the NBA 2K21 slow motion bug.

#1 Use Alt + Tab

As easy as this might sound, using the alt + tab command a couple of times is the fastest way to fix the NBA 2K21 can’t sim until next appearance problem. You just have to do press alt + tab a couple of times and the game will automatically skip to your next appearance. If this doesn’t work, you need to follow the next step.

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#2 Don’t Use Full Screen (Use Windowed or Borderless Mode)

The reason why 2K games don’t run well on PC is because they are optimized for Xbox and PlayStation. This is how some players end dealing with the NBA 2K21 can’t skip bench bug. One of the best ways to fix this bug is to set the window mode to “windowed” or “borderless”. My advice is to try them both and select the one that looks best on your monitor.

#3 Limit the FPS and Enable V-Sync

As previously mentioned, the NBA 2K games are designed mainly for consoles. That’s where their biggest player base is. Knowing that current-gen consoles are limited to 30FPS, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that NBA 2K20 and 2K20 are having issues running at 80-100 or higher FPS on PC. After checking out multiple gamer forums like Reddit’s NBA 2K community and Steam, it’s clear that the best setting is to lock the FPS to 60 and to enable V-Sync.

Why Does NBA 2K21 Run in Slow Motion on PC?

Not being able to simulate until next appearance is annoying, but it can always get worse and the game could start running in slow motion. Yeah, that really happens for 2K games on PC. There isn’t a known issue that causes this problem, but most people believe that it’s due to the graphic drivers that PC use in comparison with Xbox and PlayStation. Let’s just hope that 2K pays attention to the feedback PC players are sending and they fix the annoying problem.


Alt tabbing a couple of times is usually more than enough to fix the problem. If you still can’t sim until next appearance, it’s best to turn off the game by pressing alt + F4 or by using the Task Manager. After doing that, you can limit the FPS, enable V-Sync, and set it to a different windowed mode. This will get the job done.