Oppo to Introduce 65W Fast-Charging Technology this Week

Even though the smartphone industry is dominated by the likes of Apple and Samsung, this doesn’t mean that other companies are willing to step back. Take Oppo for example! The Chinese based tech giant keeps introducing innovating technologies that are making its smartphones stand out from the competition. Thanks to this, Oppo’s flagship devices are selling really well.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that Oppo is now the first company to introduce 65W and 125W charging to smartphones. This technology is super impressive and it can charge a smartphone’s battery to full in record time.

65W Fast-Charging Technology this Week

The reason why Oppo and its fast-charging technology is making headlines today is because the Chinese based tech giant has announced that it is ready to launch the innovative feature. Oppo revealed in a Tweet that it will launch a new set of smartphones on July 15 that will introduce the benefits of 65W fast-charging technology.

According to multiple reports, this technology makes it possible for smartphones that use a 4,000 mAh battery to get to a 100% charge in 30 minutes. If this isn’t impressive enough, then you should know that the company is also adding the finishing touches to 125W fast-charging technology. However, we don’t think that Oppo is going to reveal it on 15 July.

When Will 125W Fast-Charging Arrive?

The problem with 125W fast-charging technology is the fact that it requires lots of testing before it gets released. After all, no company wants to replicate the Galaxy Note fiasco where Samsung’s batteries used to explode.

It’s always better to wait a couple more months and get a premium product than one that is rushed and malfunctions. Nonetheless, the new 65 fast-charging technology is definitely going to give Oppo’s smartphones an advantage over the competition.