PS4 Controller Lifespan – How Long Do PS4 Controllers Last?

Man holding PS4 controller in hands

In terms of gaming, everything changed when I got my first PlayStation. There are so many amazing games that you can play on Sony’s PlayStation that it’s almost impossible to ever get bored. On the downside of things, the gaming system and the PS4 controller are not built to last forever. You can run into a multitude of issues such as PS4 controller lag or limited PS4 controller lifespan.

After looking on gamer forums such as Reddit’s PS4 community and on what people had to say about PS4 controller lifespan on Quora, the average life of a PS4 controller is 5 years. However, this also depends on how the controller is used and how well it is maintained. If the circuits inside don’t get damaged, you can expect the PS4 controller to last for a minimum of 5 years.

Want to find out why PS4 controllers die so fast? Or want to learn how to improve the battery life of your PS4 controller? Keep reading to find out!

How Long do PS4 Controllers Last?

Sony did a fantastic job designing PS4 and there is no doubt about that. Just check out Ghost of Tsushima that released in 2020. The game is developed by Suckerpunch and it showcases the incredible graphical capabilities of the gaming system. However, the system is not designed to last for a decade and the PS4 controllers are the best example of that. This should come as no surprise, but Sony makes lots of revenue by selling PS4 controllers, and therefore, the PS4 controller has an average lifespan of 5 years.

Even though the average PS4 controller lifespan is 5 years, this depends on how often the controller is used and how. If you throw the controller after losing a match at FIFA or getting sniped in Fortnite, the hardware might get damaged and this will reduce the lifespan. On the bright side of things, there isn’t that much maintenance required to help the PS4 last as long as possible. That’s not all. You can also increase it by following the upcoming tips and tricks.

Increase PS4 Controller Lifespan with These Tips & Tricks

  • Joystick Protectors

One of the things that you can do to increase how much your PS4 controller lasts is to use analog stick protectors. These are small rubber nubs that can be placed on the joystick tops. The PS4 controller will deteriorate slower and your fingers will feel less sore after long gameplay sessions.

  • Avoid Fast-Speed Charging Cables

While it might seem like a good idea to get fast-charging cables, you are much better off getting a charging dock or using the basic cable. The fast-charge mode might not do any harm during the first year that you use it, but it will eventually take its toll on the PS4 controller hardware.

  • Avoid Throwing the PS4 Controller Around

As obvious as this sounds, I need to mention that you should avoid throwing the PS4 controller as much as possible. The reason why most people are forced to replace their PS4 controller is because they break it while getting tilted in gaming sessions.

How Long Do PS5 Controllers Last?

PlayStation fans are disappointed to find out that the new PS5 controllers don’t last longer than the PS4 controllers. They use new technology that makes them more fun to use when playing vibration heavy games, but the overall PS5 controller lifespan is not improved. The folks at MsPowerUser discovered that the next-gen PlayStation controller is estimated to suffer from analog stick drift in just over 400 hours.

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