PS4 Controller Mic: Can You Talk Through the Controller?

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Sony did a fantastic job designing the DualShock 4 controller for PS4. The controller’s ergonomics feel good and this helps players have fun gameplay sessions. That’s not all. The PS4 controller is also equipped with cool features like vibration, adaptive colors, and a built-in speaker.

The PS4 controller does not have a built-in mic. The controller is equipped with a built-in speaker that makes game effects feel more immersive. However, players can choose to connect the earbud or headset that comes bundled with the PS4 controller in order to have access to a mic. Players can also choose to purchase a splitter that makes the PS4 controller compatible with 3.5mm headphones and mics.

Curious to find out how the PS4 controllers connect with mics? Keep reading and you will have all your answers.

Can You Talk Through Your PS4 Controller?

While the PS4 controller is equipped with cool features like a built-in speaker, it does not come with a built-in mic. This means that players can’t talk through their PS4 controllers. The only way this work is if the controller is connected to earbuds or a headset that features a mic. Alternatively, PS4 players can always choose to connect a 3.5mm headphone + mic by using a splitter.

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How Do I Turn My Mic on PS4 Controller?

If you have connected our DualShock 4 controller to earbuds or a headset, turning on the mic is as simple as pressing a button. You only have to turn on the earbuds/headset and make sure that they are paired (or connected with a 3.5mm jack) to the PS4 controller.

Final Words

Even though Sony didn’t equip the DualShock 4 controller with a built-in mic, it’s great that they left the option to connect third-party mics to the controller. This way, PS4 players can communicate with their friends when playing games that require coordination such as Call of Duty’s Warzone or Epic Games’ Fortnite, for example.

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