PS5 Power Cord Guide: Length, Volts and PS4 Compatibility

a PS5 power cord on a white background

Are you planning to get a new PS5 and want to make sure that you are informed about the cord that it uses? Or did your PS5 power cord stopped working and you want to know what is the best replacement? We have you covered! Today we will present a full PS5 power cord guide that goes over the length, volts, and compatibility of the PS5 power cord.

The PS5 power cord is an AC adapter that features an 8-figure design. The cord is 150 cm long (4.92 feet) and it’s included in all PS5 packages. No matter if you purchase the disc or digital edition of PS5, the same power cord is included in the box. The cord runs from the console to the power supply and it ensures that the PS5 has all the power it needs. In addition, you can use a PS4 power cord to get a PS5 running.

Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about the PS5 power cord, including how to replace it when it gets broken!

What Power Cord Does PS5 Use?

The PS5 is bundled with an AC adapter that features an 8-figure design. The AC adapter is also known as the C7 connector and it’s used for most electronics around the house. It’s not a unique power cord instead, you can find many PS5 power cord replacements on Amazon and other online retailers. What’s cool about the power cord is the fact that you can even use one from the PS4. While the PS4 power cord might be an older version, it will still get the job done.

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How Long is the PS5 Power Cord?

According to Sony, the PS5 power cord measures 150 cm in length. This is about 4.92 in feet. Considering that you don’t need to have the PS5 located next to the monitor (or smart TV you are using), 150 cm is more than enough to safely place the console next to a power outlet.

How Many Volts is the PS5 Power Cord?

The PS5 power cord has 125 volts and 10 amps. While it might seem like the PS5 uses lots of power to run, it actually only needs a supply of 10 amps. You can read more about the voltage and safety instructions by clicking here and accessing the owner manual. Using Sony User Manuals is the best way to find out all the information you need about products made by Sony.

What Does the PS5 Power Cord Look Like?

The PS5 power cord looks just like a regular C7 power cord. You can check out the image featured above to see the exact design of that Sony used for the power cord included with the PS5. Thanks to the design, the C7 cord is also dubbed as “shotgun”.

Can You Use a PS4 Power Cord on PS5?

Short answer: yes. While the PS4 and PS5 might be one generation away in terms of technology advancements, they still use the same amount of power. This is why you can use your old PS4’s power cord to get your PS5 running. It’s not so common for a PS5 power cord to stop working properly but if that happens, you can rely on the PS4 power cord without any issues

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