PUBG 2 – Release Date, New Features, Survival Elements and Animated Series

pubg 2

It’s been rumored for a long time that a new version of PUBG is being developed, but now we have official confirmation. The rumors were first started a South Korean publication that reported PUBG 2 has been in development since 2019. The interesting thing is that the new Battlegrounds 2 will not be limited to mobile and instead, it will also launch on PC and console.

PUBG 2 – Release Date

Dave Curd is the creative director of PUBG and he didn’t only confirm that PUBG 2 is under development, but he also hinted at a release date we can expect. The Creative Director announced that 2021 will be the year most likely for PUBG 2 to hit the markets. That’s not all. he also mentioned that the game will introduce a bundle of more large-scale maps that contain survival elements.

PUBG Animated Series

Another cool thing that we want to mention, is that PUBG’s CEO said that the company wants to create an animated series for the game. The series will follow a bunch of characters who discover the world of PUBG and probably fight in a Battle Royale mode. From the looks of it, the company has big plans for the upcoming Battle Royale and it wants to attract more players.

PUBG Report – The Engine

According to multiple publications and insider rumors, the highly anticipated PUBG 2 will be built on Unreal Engine 4. The reason why so many people believe this will be the case is because XTRM listed new jobs that hire developers with Unreal Engine 4 experience for an anticipated game.

Final Words

In conclusion, we know that PUBG 2 will arrive in 2021. We don’t know the exact date but we believe that the game will probably arrive in the summer period. That is when most kids have their summer breaks from school and they are the target audience for game publishers.

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