Quick Fix “Unfortunately Badgeprovider has Stopped” on Android

Error showing that BadgeProvider has stopped working

“Unfortunately badgeprovider has stopped” is one of the most annoying error pop-ups that you can get on an Android smartphone, and there is no doubt about this. What makes the Badge Provider error annoying is the fact that it pops up randomly and it stops you from doing anything else. This means that you will be kicked out of any games or apps. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with this anymore because today we will show you how to fix badge provider stopped error.

Badge Provider is a background app that allows Android apps and games to display notifications. The app is infamous for triggering the “Unfortunately, badge provider has stopped” error. Users can fix this error by accessing their smartphone’s Settings menu, locating the Application Manager option, and selecting the “All tab” to select Badge Provider. Now, simply clear data, cache, and restart the app. The Badge Provider stopped working error should be fixed now.

Make sure to stick around if you want to learn the best method to fix Badge Provider and everything else there is to know about the background app.

How to Fix “Unfortunately, Badge Provider has Stopped”

There’s nothing more annoying than getting a random error while you are using your Android smartphone. To make things even worse, there are errors like the Badge Provider issue that makes it impossible to use the smartphone for any apps. Luckily, everyone can fix this problem in less than 2 minutes. You don’t need to be tech-savvy at all because we will present a step-by-step fix guide for badgeprovider.

  • Head over to Settings on your smartphone;
  • Select ApplicationApplication Manager;
  • Choose “All”;
  • Now, locate Badge Provider;
  • Open the app (by tapping on its name);
  • Clear cache, data, and use force stop to restart the app.

What is BadgeProvider on Samsung?

Samsung smartphones are equipped with a bundle of pre-installed apps that are designed to improve the user experience. Badge Provider is a background app that is installed on all Android-powered smartphone and its use is to allow third-party apps to display notifications.

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Do I Need Badge Provider?

Are you tired of dealing with annoying errors like “Badge Provider has stopped” and want to get rid of the app? This is not a good idea! Badge Provider is an essential Android app that makes it possible for other apps to display notifications. Therefore, you need the app.

Final Words

In conclusion, the best way to fix the “Unfortunately, badgeprovider has stopped” error is to force stop the app. Doing this will reset all its settings to default and therefore, make it run without any issues again.

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