Replace or Buy a New MacBook Screen? Price Analysis

MacBook Pro with a Black Screena

Apple makes some of the world’s best gadgets, and no one can deny that. Just look at the way that Apple’s iPhone is setting the standards in the smartphone industry. The same thing can be said about MacBooks as well. However, there is a downside. Apple products are of premium quality and they are expensive. That’s not all. Repairing problems like a cracked MacBook screen will set you back a couple of hundred dollars.

If you cracked the screen of your new MacBook and are wondering if it’s worth repairing it, the answer is no. Apple products can only be repaired at authorized service centers (usually called Genius Bars). The prices to fix problems like a broken MacBook screen are on the expensive side and to make things worse, the price from a MacBook screen costs between $400 to $800. Considering that the latest 2021 MacBook Air is priced at $999, you are better off buying a new MacBook than replacing the screen.

One of the ways that Apple manages to stay rated as a trillion-dollar company is by finding methods to continuously charge customers. This includes charging outrageous amounts to repair hardware or change it with new parts.

It’s Not Ideal to Replace a MacBook Screen

Since you are wondering if it’s worth it to replace a MacBook screen instead of buying a new device, this means that you probably don’t want to spend too much money. Unfortunately, a broken MacBook screen costs more to repair than buying a brand-new 2021 model. Depending on the MacBook model you have, the price to fix a broken screen ranges from $400 to $800. This means that replacing the screen is not a cheaper alternative than buying a new one.

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