Samsung Galaxy S21 5G to Use Qualcomm’s Next-Gen Fingerprint Reader

Galaxy S21 5G

We recently reported that Galaxy S21 will be the cheapest 5G-enabled smartphone in the world. However, this doesn’t mean that Samsung will cut down on new features and hardware improvements in order to make the price possible, quite the opposite. Qualcomm announced a brand-new fingerprint reader that brings impressive performances and according to insider rumors, we will see the fingerprint reader on Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy S21.

Next-Gen Fingerprint Reader

The new ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader from Qualcomm comes with lots of improvements in comparison with the current-gen model. The most significant one is the enhanced 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2 that is 77% larger and 50% faster than the sensor that is used on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20 series!

The size improvement means that the fingerprint sensor will be easier to locate. Qualcomm reports that the sensor has a total area of 64 mm² that forms a square shape (8x8mm). This is quite the upgrade, especially when compared to the 36 mm² size of the first-gen sensor.

The impressive thing about Qualcomm’s new fingerprint scanner is that it can capture 1.77x more biometric that. This might not seem like such a major upgrade, but it’s certainly important because it means that the sensor will perform faster and do a better job at identifying the user’s prints.

Galaxy S21 5G – Highlight Specs

As previously noted, the official price of Galaxy S21 has been leaked. The smartphone will be priced at around $914 and this makes it the cheapest 5G-enabled device available on the market. We want to highlight that the price is $200 cheaper in comparison with the Galaxy S20 series. The next-gen flagship device is scheduled to be unveiled on January 14 and therefore, soon we will find out its full specs sheet.