Samsung Galaxy S21 – The Cheapest 5G Smartphone in 2021

Galaxy S21

Samsung had big plans for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 Series last year. The South Korean based tech giant launched the smartphones for a more expensive price than usual and to its surprise, the new smartphones were not a hit. People didn’t want to pay more for a Galaxy flagship than they usually do and this resulted in a significant drop in sales for Samsung. Well, it looks like Samsung learned its lessons and it will no longer charge a premium for the next flagship device.

Galaxy S21 – 5G Technology for Cheap

According to Yonhap News Agency, the upcoming Galaxy S21 will be priced significantly lower than the current flagship offerings from Samsung. Galaxy S21 will cost less than 999,000 won according to Yohap News Agency’s insider source. This converts to around $914.

While the price might be cheap when compared to other smartphones from Huawei and OnePlus, it’s worth mentioning that Galaxy S21 will be the cheapest 5G-enabled smartphone ever launched. Another important thing that we want to highlight is that Galaxy S20 5G was priced at $1,142. Therefore, we are going to see a ~$200 discount.

Official Launch Date

Samsung has yet to confirm or deny the price leak, but there is one thing we know for certain. The new Galaxy S21 5G smartphones are scheduled to be announced on January 14 and the sales will begin as soon as January 29.

Therefore, we will find out if Galaxy S21 will actually be priced at $914 or if it will still go for more than $1,000 as its predecessors. Considering the major success of Apple’s latest iPhone 12, we think it’s safe to say that Samsung is under pressure to win over the customer base. This is another reason why the upcoming smartphones will sell for cheaper.

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