Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Reaches End of Life (No More Security Updates)

Galaxy S8

It’s been 4 years since Galaxy S8 took the smartphone industry by storm and now, Samsung announced that it will no longer receive support. The flagship smartphone revolutionized the S-series lineup by introducing a bundle of innovative features such as slim screen bezels, powerful CPU, and 3D Touch for the home button). Now, Samsung is ready to say goodbye to the flagship smartphone and welcome a new generation.

Galaxy S8 Reaches End of Life

The sad truth of the smartphone industry is that companies make devices to last for only a couple of years. The never-ending cycle allows companies to keep improving the technology that they use on their smartphones and to obviously generate profits by launching a new model each year. Galaxy S8 has now reached its end of life and this means that it will no longer receive software updates.

Galaxy S8 users will stop receiving Samsung’s latest security releases and the only for them to access new updates is to factory flash a ROM file. However, this is a complicated process that only tech-savvy users should consider. We also want to highlight that not all Galaxy S8 models will reach end of life in May. Galaxy S8 Active and Galaxy S8 Lite will continue to receive security patches for the months to come.

Should You Upgrade?

If you are using a Galaxy S8 as your main carrier and are wondering if time has to come to upgrade, the answer you are looking for is yes. Security patches are critical because they make sure that no third-party can access the software of your smartphone. That’s not all! Samsung has also released many high-end smartphones that are not available to purchase at affordable prices and deliver outstanding performances.

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