Samsung’s New 50MP Sensor with Tiniest Pixel Shocks the Industry

Samsung Camera

If there is one thing that everybody loves about Samsung, it has to be the fact that the company is always innovating the smartphone industry by introducing cool features. This time, Samsung is taking the camera department of its smartphones to the next level. The reason why we are saying that is because Samsung announced a new sensor called Isocell JN1 which fits 50MP in a 1/2.76-inch format for a pixel size of just 0.64 micrometers.

New Samsung Pixel Technology

If the new sensor called Isocell JN1 that is designed to fit 50MP in a 1/2.76-inch format for a pixel size of just 0.64 micrometers doesn’t sound impressive enough, you should know that this is the smallest 50MP camera sensor in the world. “The new Isocell JN1 at 0.64μm will be able to equip tomorrow’s sleekest smartphones with ultra-high resolution mobile photographs,” stated Samsung Electronics executive VP Duckhyun Chang.

What’s the Use for a Tiny Sensor?

The cool thing about Samsung’s new sensor is that it allows the South Korean based tech giant to implement it in various multi-camera setups. This makes it possible for smartphone manufacturers to create unique and powerful camera setups that we haven’t seen before. To make things even better, Samsung claims that the Isocell JN1 sensor will reduce the camera module thickness by about 10 percent.

Powerful Features

The tiny size of the sensor shouldn’t fool anyone into thinking that there isn’t any room for powerful features. Samsung has equipped the Isocell JN1 sensor with phase-detect autofocus. This is a new technology that improves the overall AF performance in low-light situations. It’s also worth mentioning that the sensor is equipped with built-in support for 4K videos at 60FPS and full HD at 240 FPS. Therefore, it can be used to record all types of videos.

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