Samsung’s Next-Gen Flagship May Support Vocal Security System (Bixby Voice)

Bixby Voice

Smartphone technology is improving every year and Samsung is always one of the first companies to innovate the way people use their smartphones. Everyone is used to unlock their smartphones by either scanning their fingerprint or face via biometrics sensors. Well, it looks like the South Korean based tech giant is now ready to take things to the next level. According to a recent report from SamMobile, Samsung is planning to introduce a new feature that allows users to unlock their smartphones via Bixby Voice.

New Bixby Voice Feature

Samsung is currently adding the finishing touches to Galaxy S21 series and the next-gen flagship smartphone is expected to ship with One UI 3.1 straight out of the box, similar to how Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S10 ran on One UI 2.1 and One UI 1.1 when they launched. The reason why this matters is because a new report is showing us that One UI 3.1 will introduce a cool feature that makes it possible for users to unlock their Samsung smartphones just with their voice.

Bixby Voice is a new biometric method that allows users to unlock devices with a simple vocal command. We need to mention that Bixby is already allowed to unlock smartphones, but only if the users create a special task for this and gives the AI (artificial intelligence) assistant the required permissions.

Security Concerns

This should be obvious, but Bixby Voice doesn’t seem to be the safest way to unlock a smartphone. People can simply get a recording of your voice saying the required phrase to unlock the device and they can use it against you. The fingerprint scanner is surely going to remain everyone’s favorite unlock method and Bixby Voice will be just something that you can show off to friends.