SHAREit vs InShare – The Best File Sharing App in 2021

SHAREit vs InShare

One of the best things about always having a smartphone around is that you can transfer files anytime. Whether you are sharing memes with your friends or important documents with your co-workers, SHAREit and InShare are two of the most popular apps that you can use. The question that remains is which one is better?

Both SHAREit and InShare offer their fair share of premium file-sharing features and today we are going to pin the two apps against each other to see which one comes out on top. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

SHAREit vs InShare

#1 User Interface

The UI (user interface) is one of the most important features that SHAREit and InShare offer. They are both equipped with user friendly interfaces that make it super easy even for new users to find the features that they are looking for. The reason behind this is that they are both intuitive. If we had to pick one as the best and simplest to use, we would go with SHAREit because all the essential features are available on the home page.

#2 Speed

Since the SHAREit and InShare specialize in sharing files, the speed at which they do this is quite important. Just imagine how annoying it would to wait five minutes for a full HD video to share. Fortunately, this will not be a problem for both apps because they both excel at file sharing and are super fast. However, one is significantly better. SHAREit transfer files at 20 MB/s while InShare does it at 40MB/s. The difference in speed is double!

#3 Cross Platform Support

Another important feature that we always need to take into consideration when comparing apps is their cross-platform support. An app that features cross-platform support can be installed on multiple operating systems (Android and iOS). SHAREit and InShare are both premium apps and therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that they both offer cross-platform support. You can install them on Android or iOS powered devices without a single problem.

#4 Supported Files

What’s great about SHAREit and InShare is the fact that they can share all types of files. Starting with funny memes and ending with already installed games or APKs, the apps can be used to share everything. This is another department where they are considered equal.

Unique Features

Before we can determine which app is better in the SHAREit vs InShare war, we need to find out what are the unique features that they offer.


  • Access to online videos;
  • Built-in music player;
  • Access to GIFs, wallpapers, and stickers.


  • Over 30 languages supported;
  • One tap to send files or receive option;
  • Powerful file manager.


From the looks of it, the SHAREit vs InShare competition is a tight one. Each app offers users access to cool file-sharing features, but there’s something that sets them apart. SHAREit is easier to use while InShare is faster. Therefore, we are picking InShare as the winner because it offers double the file-sharing speed.

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