Should You Stand a PS4 On Its Side? Here are the Pros and Cons

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Are you running out of space on the desk and wondering if you can put a PS4 on its side? The gaming system can stand both on its horizontal and vertical. However, choosing to place it on the side is better than the other because it can decrease the chances of dealing with hardware issues.

Even though the PS4 can stand both vertically and on its side, it’s best not to place it standing on the desk. The PS4 has an air vent mounted on the side and it will get blocked, thus making it much easier for the system to get overheated. Therefore, Sony is advising users to place the PS4 horizontally to avoid any possible issues.

Keep reading to find out how to stand a PS4 on its side and other useful tips and tricks that all PlayStation fans need to know.

What is the Best Way to Stand a PS4?

In general, the best way to place a PS4 is horizontal. While the system can be placed vertically, this is not always a good idea. The reason behind this is that Sony has installed an air vent on the side of the system. As a result, the PS4 will have a much difficult time cooling off, especially when playing hardware-demanding games such as Call of Duty’s Warzone.

On the bright side of things, there are special accessories that make it possible to place the PS4 on its side. You can use a PS4 stand cooling fan such as the one made by OIVO to provide the gaming system with enough cooling even when it’s standing.

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Final Words

In conclusion, our advice for PS4 fans is to place the gaming console horizontally. Getting fresh air for cooling to the system is more important than having more free space on the desk. However, you can use accessories such as a PS4 stand cooling fan, for example.

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