Squad Infantry Combat Update Brings the Game Back to Life

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All my friends know I am a Squad fanatic. I love tactical games and have been covering Squad for the last couple of years. This is why I am excited to talk about the latest Squad Infantry Combat update. This is a major update that is getting even veteran players to re-install the game.

Today I’ll share everything there is to know about the new Squad Infantry Combat update. Starting with what’s new and ending with what the community thinks about. You might be surprised to find out that not everyone is liking the update!

What is the Squad Infantry Combat Update?

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Even though Squad is regarded as one of the best tactical games out there, the developers are always looking for ways to make the experience more immersive. This is why they created the Squad Infantry Combat update. The update is designed to make players feel like every decision, every bullet, and every tactical move is more intense and more thrilling than ever. This update has overhauled the infantry combat to make it more realistic and more dependent on working together with your squad. The focus is on making the fights more strategic, where laying down suppressive fire and flanking the enemy are key to victory.

The new update for Squad introduces a bunch of cool features, like reworked suppression effects that make you feel like you’re really under fire, and new Picture-in-Picture (PiP) scopes that add a whole new level of realism to your aiming. It’s all about giving you that immersive experience where you’re not just playing a game—you’re in it, living every heart-stopping moment with your teammates by your side. Here are the main changes you will notice in the new update:

#1 Revamped Suppression System:

    • The suppression effect has been overhauled to be more impactful, making heavy fire feel more intense.
    • Players under suppressive fire will find their combat effectiveness reduced, urging them to seek cover and coordinate with their team.

#2 Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Scopes:

    • Scopes now feature a PiP display, where only the view through the scope is magnified, adding to the game’s realism.
    • This change requires players to adapt to a more realistic approach when aiming and observing their surroundings.

#3 Gunplay Adjustments:

    • Weapons have been rebalanced to ensure that teamwork is more effective than individual gunplay.
    • The adjustments aim to make each weapon’s handling and performance feel authentic and distinct.

#4 Infantry Movement Overhaul:

    • Movement mechanics have been refined to encourage more deliberate tactical positioning and coordination.
    • Actions like vaulting and climbing have been tweaked to provide players with more control and to prevent accidental falls.

#5 Teamwork and Coordination Emphasis:

    • The update promotes increased cooperation, with a focus on making teamwork the key to winning engagements.
    • Players are encouraged to work together to overcome obstacles and enemy defenses.

You can read the full patch notes here.

When Was the Squad Infantry Combat Update Released?

The new Squad Infantry Combat was released on September 27. That’s not all. The developers have already published a brand-new update on October 5 that brings some hot fixes for bugs. The full version of the game (including the update) is available for download on Steam. Since this is a big update that overhauls the entire combat system (while making a ton of bug fixes), you should know that it takes quite a lot to install the game.

What Does the Community Think About the New Update?

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Let’s talk about the heart and soul of Squad—the community. What’s the word on the street about this update? Well, it’s safe to say that the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Veterans of the game are loving the new depth that the update has added to combat. It’s not just about who has the quickest trigger finger anymore; it’s about who has the best strategy and the most cohesive team

However, this doesn’t mean that everyone is loving the new update. In fact, the Steam charts are showing that the latest reviews for the game are mixed (see the picture above). From the looks of it, people don’t really like the way that the new recoil feels. You are playing as a soldier and the Infantry Combat Update makes it seem like the soldier doesn’t have any ability to control the recoil of the gun. Let’s wait and see if the developers decide to do something about this.

Final Words

To wrap things up, the Squad Infantry Update is a game-changer—there’s no doubt about it. It’s reinvigorated the game, giving players new reasons to team up and fight the good fight. Whether you’re in it for the camaraderie, the strategy, or the pure adrenaline rush, Squad now offers an even more compelling experience that’s tough to find anywhere else.

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