The Reason Why PS5 Does Not Have Themes

a PS5 posed with a blue background

PS5 took console gaming to the next level by introducing powerful upgrades such as more than ten teraflops of GPU power and an 8-core AMD CPU. The specs are not the only improvement that the PS5 introduced. The next-gen console also launched with an all-new UI (user interface) that reimagined themes on PlayStation.

You can’t change or customize themes on the PS5 because the next-gen console uses a dynamic theme by default. The user interface will automatically take art from the game you played last and create a dynamic theme for your PS5. For example, the PS5 theme will showcase art from Warzone if you are playing Call of Duty on your console. This is why themes are not available on PS5.

Themes were a major feature on PS4, and there is no doubt about that. However, players are no longer allowed to add or customize themes on PS5. Keep reading to find out how you can change the dynamic theme according to your liking.

Why Does PS5 Not Have Themes?

The team that created the PS5 wanted to redesign everything about the next-gen console. Even though everyone expected the console to come with a slew of hardware upgrades, the developers took things to the next level and created a brand-new user interface just for the PS5. The UI makes it super simple to use the console and access all your favorite games or media files. However, the UI comes with a dynamic theme that renders customized themes useless.

The reason why you can’t choose custom themes on your PS5 because the UI will automatically use art from the latest game you played. Therefore, the theme is always updating to the games you are playing and will never look the same for too long. As a result, it didn’t make sense for the PS5 developers to keep adding custom themes.

How Do You Change PS5 Themes?

As previously mentioned, the PS5 is equipped with a dynamic theme that no longer allows players to add customized themes. However, you can determine what theme the console uses, and it’s super easy to do it. You just have to select a game, and the theme will automatically change. For example, the PS5 will have art from Geralt of Rivia’s adventures when you select “The Witcher 3”. Or the PS5 theme will include cool gun art if you select “Battlefield 2042”.

Will PS5 Ever Introduce Customized Themes?

I think it’s safe to say that we will no longer have access to customized themes on PS5. The dynamic theme makes it so that players never get bored of a theme. It’s also important to mention that game developers are getting the opportunity to create special art for their games that will be used when their game is selected by the player and the dynamic theme kicks in. This way, players will always have access to themes that look great.

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