Top 3 Best Dota 2 Auto Chess Combos to Destroy All Opponents

Dota Auto Chess Combos

Want to learn how to play DOTA 2 Auto Chess? Whether you are a big fan of DOTA or simply love playing strategy games, learning the best DOTA Auto Chess combos is necessary to improve. Even though it might seem overwhelming to learn the best DOTA Auto Chess synergies because there are so many heroes to pick from, you don’t need to worry about it anymore because we are here to help.

The trick to increasing your win ratio in DOTA Auto Chess is to combine the right hero types. Doing this will help you improve the impact of their skills because they are having synergy with the other hero. Nonetheless, let’s go ahead and check out the top 3 best DOTA Auto Chess combos that all players need to learn.

The Best DOTA Auto Chess Combos

#1 Warrior + Troll + Warlock

If there is one combo that all new players need to utilize more, we highly recommend warrior + troll + warlock. These are some of the most powerful hero classes in the game and learning how to use them right will instantly make you a better player. The only downside to choosing this DOTA Auto Chess combo is that the troll warrior is not available right from the early stages. This means that beginners need to grind hard if they want to achieve this combo.

#2 Mech + Goblin + Assassin

Do you want your DOTA Auto Chess combo to send shivers down the spine of your opponents? If that is the case, you should try mech + goblin + assassin. This is a fearsome combo that excels in the mid-game. If you survive the early game bursts (which you will more than likely will), you will have no problem defeating your opponents. The assassin’s presence will allow the mech to perform at the highest level.

#3 Elemental + Mage

The elemental + mage DOTA Auto Chess combo is infamous for being too “overpowered’. Going against this combo can be quite annoying but if you learn how to use it well, you will be able to defeat all your opponents with ease. That’s not all, you will also learn the ins and outs of the combo and be able to fight against it if that happens. The trick to playing the elemental + mage combo well is to focus on delivering burst damage early game.

Tier List

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