Top 5 Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 14 – Unlock Your iPhone’s Full Power

Cydia Tweaks

Are you searching for the best iOS 14 Cydia tweaks? Jailbreaking your iPhone brings many benefits and the most significant one is the freedom that you get when choosing what apps and tweaks to install on your device. Even though Apple restricts users from accessing certain tweaks, Cydia comes in to save the day.

With that being said, we have rounded up the top 5 best Cydia tweaks for iOS 14. All of them can be downloaded and installed directly on a jailbroken iPhone without having to jump through any extra “hoops”. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Top 5 Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 14

#1 Power Down

Power Down

Sliding to power off the iPhone takes a bit too long if you ask me. Fortunately, there is a Cydia tweak that makes shutting down an iPhone faster and easier. The tweak is called Power Down and it allows users to either shut down or restart the iPhone just by pressing on the Home and Power button at the same time.

#2 3D Reset App

D Reset App

One of the most useful Cydia tweaks that you can install on iOS 14 is 3D Reset App. As the app’s name implies, it allows users to reset any app that they want. This means that users can reset apps to any version they want as long as they have been downloaded from the App Store.

#3 Flame


Flame is an essential app to have if you want to unlock the full power of Cydia. The reason behind this is that Flame introduces a user-friendly interface and modern design to all your apps.

#4 BarMoji


Do you find yourself using emojis often? If that is the case, you will love BarMoji. The Cydia tweak makes it super easy to find all your favorite emojis and use them to express yourself. You can even create shortcuts that will always be available.

#5 Cr4shed

The downside of using jailbroken iPhones and apps from Cydia is that you sometimes have to deal with crashes. Here is where Cr4shed comes in and lends a helping hand. The app will show if any tweak has crashed and why.  This is rather helpful for developers and fans of jailbroken devices.

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