[Full Guide] Top 5 Easy Ways to Increase Smartphone Internet Speed

Smartphones make our lives easier and there is no doubt about that! You can find the answers to all your burning questions in an instant, discover the best navigation routes, and share funny memes with your friends. The only downside is that all this type of activities requires a strong internet connection, especially for mobile gaming where ping can make the difference between winning a match or losing.

Whether you enjoy using your smartphone to play games like Fortnite or find top-rated restaurants and breweries, speeding up your internet is essential. The easiest and fast way to speed up your smartphone internet is to pay for a premium and expensive phone plan. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this. On the bright side of things, there are many proven ways to increase smartphone internet speed and today we will present the top 5 ones.

Top 5 Ways to Boost Internet Speed

  • Enable Maximum Data Loading Options

The secret to unlocking your smartphone’s full internet speed might be hidden in the Settings panel of your smartphone. The Maximum Data Loading option can be found in the Network Settings panel and it allows the smartphone to reach the full speed of the internet connection. However, this trick is only available for Android-powered smartphones.

  • Change Android Network Settings

Even if you are not a tech wizard, changing the network settings for your smartphone is not that complicated. If you are constantly dealing with connection issues that cause the internet to slow down, you need to check to see if the settings are good. You can do this by accessing the Settings panel and heading over to the Mobile Network Settings menu.

You need to make sure that your smartphone is not restricted to only 3G connections and that it can run on higher networks as well. In addition, you can add the following networks GSM/WCDMA/LTE to the menu since they are used all over the world.

  • Change Your Web Browser

One of the best ways to boost internet speed on your smartphone is to select a different web browser. Even though Google Chrome and Safari are the default browsers for Android/iOS devices, this doesn’t mean that they are also the best. Using an alternative web browser will enhance your overall web surfing experience, not only the speed. The reason behind this is that every app comes with a different bundle of features that are specially designed to make the user’s life easier. To make things even better, there are tens of free mobile web browsers that you can access with a simple Google search.

  • Update Your Apps and Use an Ad Blocker

This might come as a surprise, but updating your apps and mobile games might increase the internet speed on your smartphone. The apps that you use on the regular need to be updated with the latest software release because this will improve the internet speed and smartphone performance. Another useful tip that we want to share here is to consider installing an ad blocker on your smartphone. Ads use up resources and you can stop this with an ad blocker.

  • Clear the Cache

Whenever your smartphone starts to feel sluggish, clearing the cache is always a good fixing solution. The internet speed will slow down if the cache memory and fortunately, you can clear it super fast. You can do this by accessing the mobile browser’s Privacy panel and clicking on the “Clear the cache” option. Make sure not to select the “Clear autofill data” and “Clear saved passwords” because you will have a difficult time re-entering all your private info on the websites that you visit regularly.

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