Top 5 Lords Mobile Tips & Tricks to Help You Get Better

Lords Mobile

Looking to improve at Lords Mobile? This is one of the most fun games available on mobile and what makes it stand out from the competition is the fun gameplay that it offers. Beginners have a difficult time adjusting to Lords Mobile because there’s so much to learn about the gameplay that it can seem overwhelming. Here is where we come in to help.

Today we will share the top 5 best tips and tricks to help you get better at Lords Mobile. Make sure to stick around for the end because we will also answer the internet’s most asked questions about this topic.

Get Better at Lords Mobile with These Top 5 Tips & Tricks

#1 Find a Guild

The first thing that all Lords Mobile players need to do when they first install the game on their smartphones is to look for a good guild. The best thing that you can do is to search for a mid-size guild (about 50 players) and try to connect with them. Doing this will ensure that you are backed up in case enemies attack and that you have friends to play with.

#2 Forge Gear

Forging gear is one of the best parts of Lords Mobile because it allows players to create custom sets. However, one mistake that beginners make when getting into forging gear is that they don’t prioritize the monsters that have the best gear bonuses. Try not to get too enthusiastic about appearances and instead, look for gear bonuses that are best for you.

#3 Don’t Build a Wall

Even though this might sound counterintuitive, building a wall shouldn’t be the first thing that you do in Lords Mobile. In fact, you can go ahead and skip building a wall because it is not effective at all. The wall will be destroyed really quickly if you are attacked. This is why it’s always better to focus research and resources on building troops and defenses.

#4 Make Hunting Monsters a Priority

After joining a guild and setting up your defenses, your next priority needs to be to start hunting monsters. Our advice is to join a guild that loves to hunt monsters. This way, you will always have someone to join when planning to hunt monsters and forge gear.

#5 Focus on Research

The last tip for Lords Mobile that we want to share with you is to focus on research. A good idea here is to keep all your favorite heroes at the same level as your player.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I increase my level in Lords mobile?

You will increase your level naturally as you are planning the game. In addition, you can get heroes to do special training to increase their levels.

  1. What is the strongest hero in Lords mobile?

Ask any Lords Mobile veteran what is the strongest hero and they will more than likely answer Rose Knight. This is thanks to the hero’s ability to work with the Colosseum.

  1. Is Lords mobile a good game?

Considering that Lords Mobile is played by tens of millions of people from all over the world, we think it’s safe to say that Lords Mobile is a good game. The amazing graphics and fun gameplay mechanic Lords Mobile one of the most downloaded games in the world

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