Top 6 Twitter Tips & Tricks – Hack Your Way to Social Media Stardom

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If you want to truly master social media, then you need to put in the hours to learn all the tricks of the trade. Twitter is the best example of that because the more you use the app, the more features that you will discover. We know that most people don’t have enough time to test new features and search for tricks, and we did that for you!

Today we are going to share with you the top 6 best Twitter tips and tricks to transform you into a master of social media. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Top 6 Twitter Tips & Tricks

Twitter Tips and Tricks

#1 Use a Great Profile Picture

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but the profile picture that you are using on Twitter is quite important. Similarly to how meta descriptions work for blog posts, using a great profile picture will make your tweets stand out in the search algorithm. Not just that, but a great profile picture is going to make readers interested in your account, especially if the profile picture is eye-catchy.

#2 Use Keywords

Since we are talking about tips and tricks that will help your tweets rank better in the algorithm, we need to mention keywords. Learning how to find the right keywords for the content that you post online is crucial. The most popular tool is called Ahrefs and unfortunately, it’s quite pricey.

On the bright side of things, you can try to search for keywords with Google’s own Keyword Planner. This tool is free, but you still need to jump through some “hoops” to avoid signing up for an advertisement campaign.

#3 Hashtags (#) are Your New Best Friend

Even though hashtags might not be that helpful when it comes to Facebook and Snapchat, they are a vital tool for getting viral posts on Instagram and Twitter. Hashtags are used in mainstream culture and if you can’t come up with a unique one that is going to attract views, you can always use a popular hashtag to get your tweets featured in more searches.

#4 Be Consistent with Your Tweets

Creating a fanbase from scratch is difficult and it requires lots of work. The key to success is to be consistent. You need to tweet early and often. The reason behind this is that the algorithm will mark your account as an active profile and your followers will have something new to see from you every day. This will increase your chances of having your tweets shared.

#5 Engage Your Followers

Another important tip that you should follow in your rise to stardom on Twitter is to keep your fanbase engaged. Fortunately, this is super simple to do because you can use polls. Try to ask questions that will intrigue your fanbase.

#6 Use All 280 Characters

Most people don’t remember this, but tweets used to be capped at 140 characters. Everyone needed to keep things short and sweet. Luckily, this is not the case anymore. Twitter expanded the character limit to 280 and our advice for you is to use them all. Try to write 3-5 sentences per tweet.

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