[Full Guide] Transform Amazon Echo Light Ring Into Night Light

Amazon Echo

One of the smartest technologies out there is the Amazon Echo device. The purpose of the device is to make our life easier and to create faster a pleasant environment. Amazon Echo is very handy when you want to make a call or to play music but you are in a hurry or can’t use your hands. Apart from all of these well-known features, now Amazon Echo can also be turned into a night light.

This new feature is helpful for those who can’t sleep without any light. By turning Amazon Echo into a night lamp, you obtain the soft light you need to sleep like a baby! This feature is very useful in terms of saving space on the nightstand too. What’s cool about having the device on your nightstand is that you can give it commands without having to shout when you are relaxing in bed.

How To Make a Night Light From Amazon Echo Light Ring

The main use of the light ring is to indicate the status of your speaker. It can show if you missed a call or if your vocal commands are processed. It can also show the volume level of the speaker.

To obtain a night light, you have to enable Night Light mode on your Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot speaker. Follow the steps below to transform your Amazon Echo light ring into night light:

  1. Open Alexa from your smartphone;
  2. Tap Skills from the left menu;
  3. Search Night Light;
  4. Choose labworks.io;
  5. Speak “Alexa, open Night Light”.

If you follow correctly all the steps, a blue light will appear to confirm the activation of Night Light mode. The blue light is not too bright, therefore you can use it during the night without blinding yourself. Keep in mind that the light is not steady, and it will be continuously switching between the two shades of blue.

Final Words

Another very cool and useful feature that we want to highlight about the Amazon Echo night light is that you can choose the period of time when it’s enabled. You can do so by saying “Alexa, open Night Light for 15 minutes”. If you change your mind and want to turn off the night light, all you need to do is to say “Alexa, stop”. Considering that this option is intended to be used for falling to sleep, its audio feedback is disabled. Now that you know how to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, you can finally go to sleep.

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