“Unused App Hibernation” is Android 12’s Best Feature

Android Hibernation

Google doesn’t like to release the source code for its upcoming operating system updates but fortunately for us, we managed to get a peek at the official source code for Android 12 when it released for Pixel smartphones. As you can imagine, the new operating system will introduce a plethora of features that will take the performances of Android-powered smartphones to the next level. One of the most interesting features is called hibernation.

What is Android Hibernation?

If you are often forced to delete apps or mobile games in order to free up storage space on your smartphone, we have great news to share with you. Google is aware that many people install apps and don’t use them for a long while, even months. This is why it has created a new function called hibernation.

Hibernation will free up storage space by deleting files from unused apps or games. Don’t worry, the function will not force you to reinstall apps when you want to use them. Hibernation will temporarily delete unused files.

Auto Revoke Permissions

Since we are talking about the action that Google’s next Android operating system is taking on unused apps, we need to mention that a new feature called “auto revoke permissions” was introduced in Android 11 Developer Preview 3. The feature will inform the user when an app’s permissions have been revoked and also create an “unused apps” section in the “Settings” page.

Final Words

We think it’s safe to say that Android hibernation is a really useful feature that will help thousands of smartphone users avoid having to delete pictures and videos in order to free up storage space on their devices. Nonetheless, we have to wait until the new Android 11 Developer Preview 4 update is available to download in order to check out the feature.