What are Steam Badges? Unlock Cool Steam Customization!

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Did you just buy a new game and after playing it for a while you noticed that a new item called “Steam Badge” in your inventory? Steam is the world’s biggest game library and one of the reasons behind this is that the library also offers many community features. Steam badges are the perfect example of that because they are given out as rewards to players.

Steam Badges are special icons that players receive as a reward for their contributions to Steam. Players will earn badges by playing games, participating in events, and just by using Steam in general. The badges are designed to be earned passively and they can be used to increase the overall Steam Level account, which in turn rewards cool customization options.

If you are curious about how to get Steam Badges and what is the best way to level up your account for free, then you should keep reading.

What are Steam Badges?

If you purchase a new game, participate in an exciting even,t or just use Steam for other types of activities, you will notice Steam Badges available to collect in your inventory. Steam Badges are used to show off the contributions that the user is making to Steam, whether by playing games or by buying trading cards.

The reason why Steam Badges are sought after is because they can be used to earn XP for the Steam Account. Users can combine trading cards that they receive by playing games to craft badges. In fact, we wrote a guide about the best ways to level up your Steam account and access the best customization options. Check out here.

Final Words

In conclusion, Steam Badges are used as means of showing off your dedication to the game library. They can also be crafted with trading cards to help increase your Steam Account Level and unlock different perks and titles.

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