What Do Origin Points Do? Expert Guide Using Them

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Nowadays, every major game publisher is launching its own launcher. Blizzard has BattleNet, Valve has Steam, Ubisoft with UPlay, and EA with Origin. While this is not a bad thing by any means, it can be quite confusing for players because each launch has different systems. Take for example Origin Points. It’s been 7 years since EA introduced this feature and many people have no idea what Origin Points even do. Today we will answer all your questions about Origin Points so that you can use EA’s launcher to its full potential.

Origin Points are similar to achievement points. They showcase just how good the player is at a game. The Origin Points are awarded based on the difficulty of the achievements that the player completes. The common misconception that players make about Origin Points is that they can be used to get discounts and free games from EA. Sadly, this is not the case. The points are used only to represent the player’s expertise. In addition, the points can be earned by passively playing games and not only by hunting difficult achievements.

Want to learn what Origin Points do? Or are you curious how to get more Origin Points? If that is the case, you have arrived at the right place. Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about this unique achievement system.

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What Do Origin Points Do?

If you use the Origin launcher to play your favorite games, you probably have noticed that a bunch of Origin Points have been gathering to your achievements. Since these are not stacked and placed along with each other, many people make the mistake of thinking that Origin Points are a special currency that they can use to get free games and better discounts. Unfortunately, this is not true. Origin Points are only used as a representation of how much time and how good players are at their favorite games.

The reason why so many people think that Origin Points can be used to get discounts is because this is the way that Steam and Uplay operate. Steam gives players special points when they get achievements or buy new games that can be used to unlock a variety of cosmetic items such as a new profile banner. On the other hand, we have Ubisoft that offers points to their Uplay users that can be used to unlock special offers and free games. Now, this is the proper way to do it!

How Do I Get Origin Points?

Origin Points are generated passively while playing games directly on EA’s Origin launcher. Players will be awarded points just by simply playing the game. However, they can unlock more points by completing all sorts of achievements. The more difficult the achievements, the more Origin Points that player will receive. The idea behind Origin Points is for them to be used as a way for players to showcase how much they love a game and just how good they are at it.

How Do I Redeem Origin Points?

Origin Points can’t be redeemed. They are used by the Origin launcher as a representation of a player’s skill and expertise. Players should think of Origin Points as achievement points because they can’t be redeemed or used for anything else than to showcase how much they love a game.

Will EA Ever Implement a Use for Origin Points?

If your question is if Origin Points are worth anything, the answer is unfortunately no. It’s been a long time since EA introduced the points system and the developer has yet to implement a use for them other than just showing off. We hope that EA might consider allowing players to use Origin Points to get discounts or at the very least, cosmetic items that show off their expert gaming skills.

Final Thoughts

We think it’s safe to say that Origin Points are useless. After all, they are displayed alongside achievements which show exactly how good a player is. Let us know in the comments section how you would like to see Origin Points implemented in the next versions of Origin Launcher.