What is KLMS Agent? Should You Remove It?

KLMS Agent

Did the KLMS agent randomly start popping up on your smartphone? There’s nothing to worry about because the KLMS agent is not spyware, quite the opposite. Today we will show you what KLMS agent is and if it’s safe to remove it or not.

KLMS agent is a core component of Samsung’s Secure Android Platform that is also known as KNOX. The agent is essential to the security of Samsung smartphones because it blocks unauthorized access to the device’s software. As a result, the KLMS agent is responsible for providing user security & privacy alongside protecting important files.

Keep reading to find out if it’s safe to remove KLMS agent and how to do it.

What is KLMS Agent?

If the KLMS agent started popping on your device and you don’t know what it does, you should be pleased to know that it’s actually a safety mechanism developed by Samsung. The app manages unauthorized access to Samsung smartphones and therefore, it helps keeps users and their data safe. KLMS agent is integrated in the KNOX system that provides a safe productive space on smartphones.

Is It Safe to Remove KLMS Agent?

Are you getting annoyed by KLMS agent and want to remove it? If that is the case, you can remove the agent from your smartphone, but this comes at a cost. KLMS agent is essential for Samsung KNOX to protect your smartphone.

If you don’t think you need the protection that KNOX offers and still want to remove KLMS agent from your smartphone because it’s eating up too many resources, you should follow the uninstallation guide below:

  • Access the Settings Menu on the Knox app;
  • Head over to Knox Settings;
  • Select the “Uninstall Knox” option;
  • The software will ask you to perform a full backup before uninstalling KNOX. Select “Backup Now”;
  • Wait for the app to be uninstalled and you are good to go.

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