What Is Samsung Accessory Service? How to Fix “Service Has Stopped”

Samsung Accessory Service

Samsung doesn’t like relying all the time on Google for software performance and this is why the South Korean-based tech giant is always launching new apps and features of its own. The best example of this is Samsung Accessory Service that recently started popping up on people’s smartphones. Are you dealing with the Samsung Accessory Service has stopped issue? If so, we are here to help

Samsung Accessory Service is an Android app developed by Samsung. The app is used to connect to accessories, such as smartphones and wireless headphones for example, to smartphones so that users can send or receive data. Samsung Accessory Service is mainly used to transfer large files between two devices that are running on Android or Samsun’s software.

Keep on reading to find out how to fix Samsung Accessory Service has stopped working.

What is Samsung Accessory Service?

As previously mentioned, Samsung is always launching new apps that introduce function ability to its devices. Samsung Accessory Service is a native Android app that is developed by Samsung and serves the purpose of helping accessories such as Galaxy Watch connect to smartphones. As a result, the app is essential for users who enjoy connecting accessories to their devices.

Since Samsung Accessory Service is used to connect accessories to smartphones and to share files, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that it requires Storage permission from users.

How to Fix Samsung Accessory Service Has Stopped?

If you are dealing with issues such as Samsung Accessory Service has stopped or “transferring file, please wait”, you should be pleased to know that the issues are fairly simple to fix. All you need to do is re-install the Galaxy Wearable app and this will automatically re-install Samsung Accessory Service app and reset its settings to default.

In case the “Samsung Accessory Service Has Stopped” notification can’t be removed from your screen, you should try force-stopping the app. Here is how to do it: Settings – Apps – Samsung Accessory Service – Force Stop.

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