What’s the Point of PS5 Remote Play?(Full Guide)

PS5 Ghost of Tsushima running on multiple devices

Sony is always looking for new ways to improve PlayStation. The way that Sony achieves that is by introducing new features and functionalities that take PS4 and PS5’s performances to the next level. Remote Play is the perfect example of that. PS5 and PS4 Remote Play is an innovative tool that allows users to stream their favorite games on multiple devices.

PS5 Remote Play allows users to stream any PS4 or PS5 game on compatible devices. This means that users can access PlayStation games on devices that are not PlayStation. For example, PS5 Remote Play makes it possible to play exclusive games such as Ghost of Tsushima on a Windows PC or Android smartphone. The only requirement is for both the PlayStation console and the device you want to play on, to be connected to a broadband network or mobile data. It’s as simple as that!

PS5 revolutionizes the gaming industry with its hardware and software. The fact that Remote Play can be used to play PlayStation games while remote is amazing. If you are not sure what is the point of PS5 Remote Play yet, you should keep reading because I will explain everything in detail.

What is the Point of PS5 Remote Play?

The point of PS5 Remote Play is to allow users to stream games from their console on different devices. As long as the console and device are connected to a stable broadband network, Wi-Fi or mobile data, you will be able to stream gameplay footage. So for example, a PS5 user can choose to have Fortnite or even Call of Duty’s Warzone stream on their tablet.

The game will be running on the PS5 and offering the high-quality graphics that the console features, while being streamed on a different device at the same time. The player will be able to control the game from the device that is being streamed. As a result, the point of PS5 Remote Play is to make it possible to play PlayStation games remotely.

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Why Would You Use PS5 Remote Play?

There is a long list of reasons why you might want to use PS5 Remote Play. Let’s say that the console is located in the living room and you have some guests visiting, this is a great moment to enable Remote Play so that you can enjoy any game from your room. You can have the game stream on your PC, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone. Another reason to use PS5 Remote Play is so that you can play games outside. In general, the most popular reason to use this feature is to have freedom of where you want to play. There are no boundaries!

What Devices Support PS5 Remote Play?

As previously mentioned, Remote Play allows users to stream their favorite games on a multitude of devices. Check out the full list below:

  • PlayStation 4;
  • PlayStation 4 Pro;
  • PlayStation 5;
  • Windows PC;
  • Macs;
  • All compatible Android devices (tablets and smartphones);
  • All compatible iOS Devices (tablets and smartphones).

How to Use Remote Play On PlayStation?

The only requirement to use Remote Play on PlayStation is to have access to the following:

  • A PS5, PS4, or PS4 Pro;
  • A device that works with Remote Play;
  • The PS Remote Play App (it’s free to download);
  • A PlayStation controller (DualShock 4);
  • Access to a stable internet connection (15 Mbps is recommended for the best experience);
  • A PlayStation game.

Final Words

The new PS5 comes with a bundle of cool apps and features. However, PS Remote Play is definitely the most amazing one. It makes it possible to play your favorite PlayStation games anywhere and on any device! What can be better than this?