WhatsApp Stops Supporting Older Smartphones

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Are you using an older iPhone or Android smartphone to use WhatsApp? Chances are that you might lose access to your favorite chatting app in the upcoming days. The developers who are in charge of WhatsApp have released a new blog post where they announced that older smartphones will stop receiving software support for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp to Stop Working on Older Smartphones

WhatsApp’s developers have announced that people who use iPhones that are running on older versions than iOS 9 will no longer be able to use the chatting app. That’s not all. WhatsApp is also cutting off support for devices that are running on older Android version than Android 4.0.3. Therefore, iPhone 4 is not going to access any of the upcoming WhatsApp updates or security releases.

With that being said, we are advising everyone who is using older firmware to try and get the latest operating system updates available for them. Follow the next steps to update your iOS on iPhone: Settings > General > Software update. On Android, you can access the Settings panel and tap on the “About Phone” section to see your software number.

Accessing Regular Updates is Essential

Even though being able to access the latest software releases might not seem too important if you are already happy with the way WhatsApp is running on your older device, they are actually essential. The developers of the chatting app are constantly introducing security and user privacy improvements that are taking the app’s performances to the next level.

By downloading the latest software updates, you can rest assured knowing that no third-party will be able to access your private conversations or files shared. Therefore, the time has come for a new smartphone upgrade if you enjoy using WhatsApp and all the features that it has to offer.