When Will Escape From Tarkov Release? (Full Game)

player reloading an AR-15 in Escape From Tarkov

It’s been six years since Escape From Tarkov was released in close Alpha and the game has yet to release as a final product. Escape From Tarkov is currently available with the version number, and it’s still a long way from releasing in final form.

Escape From Tarkov will release in final form in 2023. Nikita Buyanov (the CEO of BattleState Games) announced in an official interview on Twitch that Escape From Tarkov is scheduled for full release in 2023. The developers still have a plethora of features to introduce in the game before it reaches the final form. Features such as the highly anticipated “Streets” map that is supposedly going to be the biggest map that the game has ever seen. In addition, Batlestate Games plans to implement a radiation system. This is why the developers need until 2023 to release Escape From Tarkov.

While Escape From Tarkov might only be available to purchase in beta, it’s still already more polished and finished than many AAA games that have released. However, there are a couple of good reasons why Tarkov is not released yet.

When Will Escape From Tarkov Release?

Escape From Tarkov is scheduled to release in 2023. This information was provided by none other than Nikita Buyanov. He is the CEO of BattleState Games and the person in charge of everything related to Tarkov. One of the best things that Nikita does for the community is that he regularly goes on interviews with Twitch streamers that are big personalities in Tarkov. In one of his interviews he was asked about the full release of Escape From Tarkov on PC. Nikita Buyanov said that he is confident the game will release in 2023.

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The main reason why Escape From Tarkov is not available in full form already is that there are still two major maps that the developers need to implement. I am talking about the highly anticipated Streets map and Suburbs. Streets is said to be the biggest map that the game has ever seen and that it will have the biggest player count. While designing the map is taking the developers a long time, the real reason why Streets is taking so long is because of the technical implications. Having so many players on a massive map needs to run well because otherwise, people will low-end PCs will not be able to enjoy it.

Another reason why Escape From Tarkov will release in 2023 is because BattleState Games prefer working on the game in beta. The company is still making money by selling the game without having the responsibility of delivering a complete title. This means that they can keep patching the game each month with regular updates, and players will not complain as much as they would with a fully released game.

Is Escape from Tarkov Out of Beta?

Escape from Tarkov is not out of beta. The game was released in closed Alpha back in 2016, and it entered closed beta in July 2017. The game has been in beta ever since, and while there might not be an official release date, Nikita Buyanov, who is the CEO of BattleState Games, announced that Escape from Tarkov will release in 2023.

Is Escape from Tarkov Available to Play?

Escape from Tarkov is available to play. The game is not available on Steam, but you can download the game from the official BattleState Games website. There are multiple versions of Escape from Tarkov and if you don’t know which one to choose, you should be pleased to know that I wrote a full guide that showcases how to upgrade Tarkov accounts and how much it costs.

Final Words

While Tarkov might still be in beta, I think it’s safe to say that it already offers an incredible survival shooter experience like no other game. There have been other games that have tried to replicate Tarkov, like Battlefield 2042’s extraction mode, and they have all failed. If you are new to the game, my advice is to start with a Standard Edition account. The game has a steep learning curve, and if you don’t like it, you will not regret spending a bunch of money.

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