Where to Find Chickens in Sea of Thieves (All Rarities!)

a screenshot of Sea of Thieves chickens

One of the things that make Sea of Thieves such an amazing game is the fact that it gives players a multitude of ways to play the game. Some players love ship fighting, others treasure hunting, while others take a more peaceful approach and choose to trade chickens, pigs, and snakes for the Merchant Alliance. Finding chickens in Sea of Thieves is no easy task and this is why, today, I will show you the best locations to get them.

The best islands to find chickens are Barnacle Clay, Black Water Enclave, Chicken Twin Groves, Smuggler’s Bay, and Crook’s Hollow. In general, chickens spawn on all Sea of Thieves islands. However, the spawn rate is increased for larger islands. There are four types of chicken: white feathered, red speckled, black plumed, and golden. They all sell for different prices and will help players get a reputation increase with the Merchant Alliance in Sea of Thieves.

Learning how to catch chickens in Sea of Thieves is essential to becoming a Legendary Pirate. This is why you should keep reading to learn everything there is to know about chickens in Sea of Thieves and how you can make the most money by catching them.

Where is the Best Place to Find Chickens in Sea of Thieves?

Chickens spawn all over the place in Sea of Thieves. However, the best islands to find them are larger ones. The reason behind this is that chickens and other animals that you can catch have a higher spawn rate on large islands. I did some research and came up with the top 20 best places to find chickens in Sea of Thieves. Check them out below:

  1. Barnacle Clay;
  2. Black Water Enclave;
  3. Chicken Twin Groves;
  4. Smuggler’s Bay;
  5. Crook’s Hollow;
  6. Rapier Cay;
  7. Mermaid’s Hideout;
  8. Thieves’ Haven;
  9. Old Salts Atoll;
  10. Tri-Rock Isle;
  11. Old Faithful Isle;
  12. Marauder’s Arch;
  13. Scurvy Isley;
  14. Shipwreck Bay;
  15. Shark Bait Cove;
  16. Discovery Ridge;
  17. Sailor’s Bounty;
  18. Cannon Cove;
  19. Chicken Isle;
  20. Crooked Masts.

Are Chickens on Every Island in Sea of Thieves?

Chickens have a chance of spawning on every island in Sea of Thieves. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s guaranteed to find them on every island. The best thing you can do when searching for Sea of Thieves chickens is to visit one of the islands that I mentioned in the list above.

Where to Find Red Speckled Chickens in Sea of Thieves?

The Merchant Guild will sometimes ask players to capture red speckled chickens for them. While the task is a bit more challenging, it’s definitely worth the time since it rewards the players with more reputation and gold than usual. Red speckled chickens don’t spawn on a specific island and the spawn chances are quite random. However, red speckled chickens have been found on the following islands the most: Chicken Isle, Salty sands, Cannon Cove, Crook’s Hollow, and Tri-Rock Isle.

What is the Rarest Chicken in Sea of Thieves?

The rarest chicken in Sea of Thieves is the Golden Chicken. While the Golden Chicken is a rare animal that can be captured and sold to the Merchant Alliance for a heap of money, it’s not that uncommon. The spawn rate for Golden Chicken is smaller than a red speckled one, but you can definitely find one if you start looking on every island that comes your way. The Golden Chicken sells for 150 gold with no voyage, and for 1,500 when you have a Merchant Voyage.

How Many Types of Chicken are in Sea of Thieves?

There are four types of chicken in Sea of Thieves:

  • Whit Feathered Chicken (the most common);
  • Red Speckled Chicken;
  • Black Plumed Chicken;
  • Golden Chicken (the rarest).

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