Why It’s Not Okay to Use a MacBook on Bed

Macbook on a bed

Laying down on the bed and watching an entertaining show on Netflix (or whatever streaming site you like) is one of the best ways to relax after work. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s also a good idea. While you can use your MacBook on bed for a while, the device can overheat and this leads to serious damage.

It’s not advisable to use a MacBook on bed for a long time. The air vents will be blocked and the lack of airflow will cause the laptop to overheat. In the worst-case scenario, the overheating MacBook can lead to a fire. This is why it’s always best to use the MacBook on a desk or on your lap. On the bright side, there are some special devices like a lap desk that allow the laptop to get the proper airflow it needs.

Even though using a MacBook on bed is not a good idea, there is a way to do this safely. Keep reading out to find out the best way to use the MacBook Pro on bed.

Is it Okay to Put MacBook on Bed?

MacBooks are not designed to be used on beds. These laptops require a proper airflow intake in order to work without any issues. Especially when doing heavy-duty tasks such as video rendering, for example, which will get the CPU and the fans running at top speeds. Chances are that nothing bad will happen if you use the MacBook in the bed for a couple of times, but it can lead to serious damage if you do it regularly.

If the MacBook doesn’t have a good airflow intake, the CPU and other parts will overheat. This can cause serious damages that can lead to pricey repair bills. To make things even worse, an overheating laptop can cause a fire. Therefore, it’s always better to use a desk instead. Luckily, there are some ways to use a MacBook on bed without any issues. Check them out below.

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How to Use MacBook On Bed Without Overheating

If you spend most of your time in the bed, or simply like to relax in the bed or on the couch, then you should make sure to learn what are the best ways to use MacBook on bed without overheating. Getting a lap desk will do wonders for your MacBook. You can use it while laying down without having to worry about overheating at all. That’s not all, using a lap desk will also make it much easier to streaming shows on the Mac.

If getting a lap desk is too expensive, my advice is to invest in a laptop raiser. This device is mounted on the MacBook’s rear side, and it makes it so that the laptop can get the right airflow it needs to work without issues.

Final Words

If you still want to use the MacBook on bed even though this can lead to damages, my advice is to at least make sure that the vents are not covered. It’s also important to avoid placing the MacBook on a pillow or a blanket s o that

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