Xiaomi Showcases New Charging Technology – Full Battery in 8 Minutes

Xiaomi Charger

We reported earlier that Xiaomi published a brand-new update for its mobile browser and now, the Chinese-based tech giant is already making headlines again. Xiaomi is always looking to innovate the smartphone industry and this is exactly what it doing with new charging technology. The company has recently showcased that it can fully charge a phone in 8 minutes.

New Xiaomi Charging Technology

Xiaomi tested the new charging technology by using a modified Mi 11 pro that is fueled by a 4,000 mAh battery that was charged in 9 minutes. This is possible by using a 200W wired “HyperCharge” system. Xiaomi reported that if it used 120W charging, the battery required about 15 minutes to fully charge. We have to admit that this is super impressive.

New Standards for High-End Smartphones

High-end smartphones are equipped with massive batteries that can support all the cool features that they offer. Now, Xiaomi is introducing a powerful charging technology that will create a new standard for high-end smartphones and there is no doubt about that. Just imagine how amazing it would be if your smartphone’s battery fully charged in under 10 minutes.

The OPPO Competition

What’s interesting about this new charging technology is that Xiaomi is not the only Chinese-based company that is innovating it. OPPO is also working on a powerful charging system called “Warp”. The abilities of the charging system were showcased last year when OPPO charged a 4,000 mAh smartphone battery in 20 minutes with a 125W system.

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