YouTube Vanced – Top 5 Features for Online Videos

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Do you love spending your free time watching YouTube videos? There is so much entertaining and educative content available for free on YouTube that we can’t just get enough of it. If you are a big fan of YouTube, you might want to consider checking out YouTube Vanced and all the cool features that it has to offer.

YouTube Vanced is an enhanced version of YouTube that offers users access to unique features such as blocking all ads, picture-in-picture mode, multiple themes, and many others.

Today we will check out all the features that YouTube Vanced offers on Android. Make sure to stick around for the end if you want to learn if YouTube Vanced is safe to use and how to install the APK version of the app.

What are the Top Features of YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a highly popular app because it offers a long list of premium features. Check out the list below to find out which are the top features that YouTube Vanced provides.

#1 Background Playback

The most important feature that YouTube Vanced offers is background playback. This feature makes it possible for users to listen to all their favorite songs just like they would with Spotify or Deezer, for example. They screen can be locked and the music will continue playing without a single problem. We need to mention that you can also get access to this feature on YouTube, but you need to pay for a premium subscription.

#2 Improved HDR and Max Resolution

Don’t you hate it when YouTube forces you to watch videos in a specific quality? Fortunately, the Vanced app is here to take your online video-watching experience to the next level. YouTube Vanced allows users to override the maximum default resolution and watch videos in an improved HDR mode. We highly recommend checking out this feature if you like watching cinematics and other graphics-heavy styles of online videos.

#3 Built-in Adblocker

There’s nothing more annoying than having 3 ads pop up consecutively while trying to watch your favorite content creators. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be something that you worry about anymore. Also is equipped with a built-in ad blocker that can be toggled on/off. You will no longer have to deal with ads but you can always toggle the option off so that you can support your favorite content creators generate revenue.

#4 Multiple Theme Options

While most apps offer users a Dark and Light theme, YouTube Vanced is taking things to next level by introducing a bundle of themes. Here are some examples: dark, black, white, and other colors. This might not sound like a groundbreaking feature, but it’s great to have if you love watching videos late at night. Your eyes will no longer be hurt by the white background UI (user interface) elements. In addition, the themes can be toggled.

#5 Improved Volume and Brightness Controls

Another cool feature that you will love about YouTube Vanced is the new volume and brightness controls. Instead of having to pause the video to make the adjustments or use a drop-down menu that goes over the video, you can swipe to adjust volume & brightness without needing to stop the video.

Final Words

YouTube Vanced is definitively a “must-try” app for people who enjoy watching online videos. The plethora of cool features that it offers are just too good to pass up. We also want to mention that if you want to learn how to sideload the latest YouTube Vanced APK, you should check out this installation guide that we have prepared.