YouTube vs Vanced: The Ultimate Video Streaming Experience

colored YouTube Vanced logo on a black set

Watching online videos is everyone’s new favorite pastime activity and there is no doubt about that! There are so many entertaining videos that you can find on YouTube that it’s almost impossible to ever get bored. You can also take things to the next level and install Vanced, which is an enhanced version of YouTube, to take improve your viewing experience. If you want to find out who wins in a YouTube vs Vanced battle, you have arrived at the right place.

When comparing YouTube vs Vanced, the latter will always come out on top. Vanced is an improved version of YouTube that provides users with access to a plethora of useful features such as the ability to block all ads (even on mobile), enable picture in picture mode, change themes, modify HDR and max resolutions settings, and more. There’s a long list of other useful features that Vanced offers and today I showcase them all!

YouTube vs Vanced – Comparing the Best Features

As everyone knows by now, YouTube is the world’s biggest video streaming platform. You can find any type of content there starting with funny vlogs and ending with nature documentaries. There are hundreds of thousands of content creators who are putting out content for free. On the downside of things, YouTube has its fair share of limitations that sometimes make it difficult for users to watch their favorite online videos. Nonetheless, let’s go ahead and check out which app offers the best features.

#1 Content Variety

The biggest mistake that people make when comparing YouTube vs Vanced is not knowing that Vanced offers access to the same exact content as YouTube does. The reason behind this is that Vanced is actually an improved version of YouTube. The UI (user interface) and features that it offers are different, but users will receive access to the same exact content. Thanks to this, users can watch their favorite content creators on both platforms. You will not miss out on anything.

Did you know that YouTube Vanced is not limited to mobiles? You can also install it on PC. Check out this Vanced PC installation guide that I wrote.

#2 User Experience

If there is one thing that YouTube does best, it has to be the fact that it offers a smooth user experience. The interface has been designed to be as simple as possible and therefore, it looks very intuitive. However, this doesn’t mean that by any means that Vanced’s UI is complicated. In fact, some people might like the Vanced UI more because it provides them with additional customization options such as new themes, and next-level resolution features. In conclusion for this category, YouTube offers a simpler UI while Vanced a more complex one. However, they are both easy to use.

#3 Play Music in the Background for Free

One of the reasons why most people subscribe to YouTube Premium is because they are allowed to play music in the background. This feature makes it possible for users to simply select a playlist they like and lock the screen. Unfortunately, free YouTube users don’t have access to this feature. However, Vanced is here to provide a free alternative. The app’s special software allows users to play music in the background. The music video will keep running even though it has been minimized.  Basically, Vanced will work just like Spotify.

#4 HDR and Resolution Settings

YouTube upset its community a couple of months ago when it released a new update that limited the video quality options that users can choose from. Instead of being able to choose between multiple resolution options, users are now given the option to select from predetermined settings. On the bright side of things, Vanced doesn’t put this type of limits on its users, quite the opposite. Vanced doesn’t only give users multiple video quality options, but it also adds more than YouTube ever had. For example, users can change the HDR mode and achieve maximum resolution.

#5 Multiple Themes

Are you tired of seeing the basic white YouTube background on your smartphone? If that is the case, you should be pleased to know that YouTube Vanced offers access to a multitude of themes. Even though this might not be a “make or break” feature, it’s nice to have the option to change it whenever you want. The community really likes the black theme which is designed to keep the users safe from high brightness levels.

#6 Forget All About Ads

Do you usually run an ad blocker on your PC? If you want to get rid of YouTube ads on mobile as well, Vanced is the best way to do it. The app is equipped with a built-in adblocker that makes sure you can watch your favorite videos without having to go through three 30-second ads. The great thing about having a built-in adblocker is the fact that you don’t have to do any optimization that requires tech-savvy knowledge.

YouTube vs Vanced – Who Wins?

Vanced is the winner by far. The long list of features that Vanced offers are just to good to pass up. To make things even better, Vanced doesn’t limit users by any means. It allows them to make any changes they want to the themes, and video resolution while still providing users with access to the same content as YouTube.

Is YouTube Better Than YouTube Vanced?

Vanced is better than YouTube, and there is no doubt about that. The only part where YouTube shines is software support. The app is backed by a massive team of developers who are constantly releasing software improvements and new features for it. However, Vanced is slowly but surely getting there as well. It’s also important to mention that

Is YouTube Vanced Legal?

YouTube Vanced is legal. The app doesn’t steal content and it only provides users with videos from YouTube while also enhancing their experience. The only “debatable” thing about using Vanced is the fact that it comes with a built-in ad blocker and therefore, the content creators will not generate revenue when you are viewing their videos.

APK Installation Guide

The only tricky part about getting YouTube Vanced on your smartphone is the fact that it needs to be sideloaded in the form of APK (Android Package Kit). While this might sound complicated, I promise you that it’s not at all. In fact, I wrote a guide that shows you how to install YouTube Vanced APK on Android in a couple of simple steps.